top ten most misogynistic rap songs

1.)Hey Mister by Kool G Rap
This songs tops the list of most misogynistic rap songs of all time. Basically G rap showing how he handles his business. This song is descriptive enough to give Bobby Brown a stiffy.

2.)KIM by Eminem- Listen to the song. I can write no more.

3.) No endz No  Skinz by Big L. First off, R.I.P. to the punch line king of the under ground. L really dissects it in this one.

4.)Cunt Renaissance RA The Rugged Man ft Notorious B.I.G. I dont know if the C word…… fuck it ill just say cunt, has ever been used so casually. Smalls chucks this common euphemism around like its frisbee in the park. And I can only say one word about RA and thats DIRT.  Plenty of misogyny in this one. Simone De Beauvoir rolls in her grave.

5.) I get Around – 2pac. Yea we all know Pac got around, its no secret. On this track Pac touches a note that all men care about….diversity. Pac cant be held down by just one or two, he’s gotta have them all.

6.) Bitches Aint Shit- Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog. With out a shred of ambiguity Dre posits that all that females are nothing but liar’s, cheaters, sexual deviants. Whether you agree or not, the misogyny used by these g funk legends earns them a number 6 spot.

7.)We Some Dogs- Method Man ft Red Man- “Bitch ya fucking with a dog. All I wanna do is burry some bones”, goes the first line in the song. This could be taken as Meth making a claim about human nature, that “we just some dogs”. Red does dirt on this track per usual, with more than a hint of misogyny .

8.)MOVE BITCH- Ludacris. Nothing like telling someone to get the fuck out of your way. Few people could articulate a statement to women like ludacris and his boy mystical.

9.) Shake Ya Ass- Mystikal. If misogynony is all about objectifying women than Mystikal takes the cake on this joint. “I came up with my dick in my hand, dont make e leave with my foot in your ass……….be cool”

10.) Excitable Boy- Warren Zevon. Now I know what your thinking, Warren Zevon is not a rapper but a deceased folk singer. To this I say… yes he is. But excitable boy deserves to crack the list even though it is not a rap song simply because of the boy in the song. This guy not only rubs a pot roast on his chest but then subsequently murders his junior prom date and builds a cage from her bones. Now if that doesnt deserve a spot then I dont know what does.

Hopefully toptenforgentlemen is below the radar of partners against domestic abuse, other wise I anticipate some emails, but anyone stupid enough to think that we are glorifying misogyny can go fuck themselves…. and then listen to excitable boy on repeat for 5 hours.

June 8, 2011. peebscrilla.

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