Top Ten Worst Seasons In Pro Sports

Luckily, here in New England we haven’t been plagued by any horribly embarrassing seasons, just years of general disappointment. In this list you will find the ten worst seasons in the history of professional sports. Feel free to complain that this list has a bunch of expansion teams on it, stats don’t lie bro a shitty season is still a shitty season.

10. 1962 New York Mets

This team is a little bit before my time, but their story has been passed down in Baseball lore. As bad and mismanaged as the Mets have been recently, its easy to forget that the Met’s struggles go back a generation. In their first year in the league they posted an impressively bad 40-120 record. They posted a team ERA over 5 which was worst in the NL, and a team BA of .240, also basement in the NL. They also gave up nearly 1,000 runs. shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that they hold the record for most losses in a modern season. With such a bright future and storied past, the Mets must be due for a good season right?

9. 2003 Detroit Tigers

A good way to make this list is losing more that 110 games in a baseball season. They had a 43-119 record. This team even had the likes of Dmitri Young and Brandon Inge, certifiable all stars. A team ERA of 5.13 certainly didn’t help things.

8. 1998 Denver Nuggets

Gave up over 100 ppg. Scored less than 90 ppg. 11-71 record. 23 game losing streak. At least Elway and the Broncos were good enough in 1998 to make up for this travesty. I guess Chauncey Billups and ex URI star Tyson Wheeler couldn’t get it done.

7. 1993 Sharks

San Jose… It doesn’t surprise me that they’re on this list. SJ doesn’t strike me as a logical location for a hockey powerhouse. The real reason they made the list is the fact that they played in a stadium called the Cow Palace. Enough said. The team played like shit, played in a place named after somewhere that smells like shit.

6. 1960 Dallas Cowboys

How about them cowboys? How about 0-11-1. Major problem here was probably the fact that all time NFL great Don Merredith (granted it was early in his career) was backing up some clown Eddie LaBaron. Have you noticed the trend yet? Expansion teams suck.

5. 1973 76’ers

They won 9 games. In a basketball season. That adds up to a .110 winning percentage. I guess even in the 70’s it was tough to have a good basketball season without any stars.

4. 1975 Washington Capitals

Here is yet another failure expansion season. By the numbers they were 8-67-5. They only won ONE game on the road. Oh and six goals a game on average means Bernie Wolf and Ron Low had one of the worst seasons by any keep in hockey history.

3. 2008 Detroit Lions

No excuses here besides rampant mismanagement by the Ford family, and years of drafting wide receivers instead of interior lineman and a franchise qb (sorry joey harrington). Going winless in the modern NFL when the mantra is “any given sunday” is no easy feat. This team sticks out in everyone’s mind as the paradigm of ineptitude in modern sports.

2. 1976 Bucs

Two more winless NFL franchises in the top 3. The real reason I put them on the list is another excuse to talk about what an awesome mascot Bucco Bruce is. How often during a football game do you feel like you’re being seduced by the opposing mascot? exactly what i thought. Game set match. or 0-14. either way.

1. 1899 Cleveland Spiders

Even grandpa Chrispness wasn’t around to see these chaunceys parading around Cleveland and their 145 fans per game. They went 20-134. Their record is just the tip of the iceburg. In 1899 the owners purchased a second franchise, the  St. Louis Perfectos (do I smell a top ten worst team names blog?). Feeling that St. Louis was a more viable market, the owners sent all of the Spiders’ good players over to the Perfectos, meaning that Cleveland was playing with a short roster of mens league softball players. True story. Basically the replacements except in the MLB. Richmond should be embarrassed to share a mascot.

June 13, 2011. chrispness.

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