Top 30 “This Is SportsCenter” Commercials

After a short hiatus to do some outside research and scouting for the summer, I’ve decided to get back to making some lists.

As it is with most people obsessed with sports, Sportscenter is the go-to show that never lets you down. Whether its waking up or getting home from work, SportsCenter can be counted on to give you scores and highlights.

Part of the entire act is to deliver sports with an edge, an edge that is mostly comedic. The “This is SportsCenter” idea has boundless amounts of possibilities, and SportsCenter has tapped into this resource to create innovative and hysterical commercials.

Since there are so many good ones and it’s impossible to narrow it down to 10, I had to make it 30.

30. “Pairings”

Best Part: Dan Patrick’s awkward rambling.

29. “The Closer”

Best Part: Once again, Dan Patrick steals the show with his facial expression that puts Kenny Mayne out for sure.

28. “Shirt Giveaway”

Best Part: John Anderson’s catch is outstanding. The gator clamp.

27. “Freebies for Federer”

Best Part: “I dunno if they’re any good or not”

26. “Buffer”

Best Part: The announcer’s nicknames

25. Expansion Draft

Best Part: Talking about Anderson being protected.

24. “Rain Delay”

Best Part: I just bought a video camera myself

23.  “Cookout Pinata”

Best Part: Gotta love Muresan

22. “Summit”

Best Part: Volunteer Joke

21. “Company Counselor”

Best Part: “But you gotta carry alotta water”

20. “Cutest Guys”

Best Part: Van Pelt’s initial reaction to Number 2

19. “PA Life”

Best Part: “Nice try” sequence

18. “Clouds”

Best Part: Mutombo

17.  “Diversity”

Best Part: “Don’t Touch me”

16.  “Corner Men”

Best Part: “Dont be a lollipop”

15. “Rock Paper Scissors Shoot”

Best Part: Mascot shakes him off on the 2 outta 3.

14. “Spitball”

Best Part: Keyboard sequence

13.  “Y2K”

Best Part: Charlie Steiner

12.  “melo”

Best Part: “Any socks that I can borrow?”

11.  “Running of the Brats”

Best Part: Is it fun? No

10.  “Betrayal”

Best Part: Ortiz’s facial hair

9.  “Going Out”

Best Part: Deacon’s first look up from the paper

8.  “Steroids”

Best Part: Unhand rapscallion

7. “Perfect Show”

Best Part: The ump making the double negative call

6.  “Sweet Science”

Best Part: Bob Ley

5.  “Old Timers” (another classic one with George Mikan)

Best Part: “You’re not listening”

4.  “Sampras”

Best Part: Lunch lady announcing the price

3.  “Soccer”

Best Part: Brush by

2.  “Brett Favre System”

Best Part: Ripping on Favre

1. “Palmer”

Best Part: Entire thing

Notable Omissions: New Jersey Devils, Mr. Met



June 23, 2011. Jads.

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