About Top Tens

When you watch Sportscenter, what’s your favorite part of the show? Ours at Top Ten by Gentlemen is the Top Ten Plays. There is something about top ten lists that gives us a natural hierarchy to exciting events as well as a good source for counter-arguments. What happens if you apply this idea to weird/funny/sports/TV and other subjects you find relevant?

Are you terribly bored staring in front of a computer screen, wandering from site to site trying to find internet gold? Is your summer job composed of scanning the internet looking for new website that can occupy just a couple minutes of your time?

Top Ten By Gentlemen can cast away your boredom and provide you with quality top ten subjects with funny twists. This website is devoted to bringing you the things you want ranked that actually matter.

So if you have any comments, questions, want to write, think you’re clever, or want to pose good poll questions to people, let us know.

You can post them on the site or simply contact a contributor:  Here’s a start.


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